Invest in a ‘Bella Chartrand’ and start your ‘Bella Inspired’ Collection today…

“I don’t want to just paint ‘pretty little pictures’ to hang on the wall. My heart longs to connect with others and create masterpieces worthy of showing for all. Send me photos of that which inspires you – what makes you feel most human, like me. Tell me what makes your heart sing; if you could share anything with the world, what would it be? Show me the colors of your life and what you want the world to see. Together, let’s feel the interwoven fabric of our lives creating masterpieces fit for even the most exclusive gallery! What lifts your spirits and what, like me, do you feel most passionate about and want the world to see? But most importantly, who do you feel needs our love today? Who do you know could use a helping hand along the way? For a portion of my paintings go to those less fortunate than we.” Love, Bella

In Loving Memory of My Late Best Friend, Sebastian, who is in ‘Doggy Heaven’ with all our other Little Furry Friends:)  

Send me a photo of YOUR Beloved Furry Friend that I may paint a painting in his/her honor.  ~ Love, Bella.