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“Rainbow Cattle Egret” by Bella Chartrand, 2015. watercolor 12 x 16 in.

“Started December 11, 2015 and completed on the Winter Solstice, December 21, in honor of my little Silver Lynx Point Siamese Isabella who was brutally shot and drug herself home at 3:33, just in time for our everyday walks with the bullet still lodged in her heart.  My beloved Little Isabella crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge” in my arms December 10, 2015. ~ I love you, Isabella, my beautiful Furr Baby.”  Love, Bella

Like many of Bella’s paintings, you can find her ‘signature’ images hidden throughout.  Look in the water next to the heart of the Egret and you’ll see floating the sacred symbol ‘Om’, considered the greatest of all mantras that mystically embodies the essence of the entire universe. Look closely still and behind the furthest palm tree on the left you’ll see a hidden image of a gleaming iridescent UFO peeking out behind one of the little clouds and to the right of the Egret two little time travelers from the ‘third’ world peering out from behind the little bushes in the background!

Rainbow Cattle Egret from Bella Inspired Wildlife Collection by Bella Chartrand from Utopia USA
Rainbow Cattle Egret from Bella Inspired Wildlife Collection by Bella Chartrand from Utopia USA

“Rainbow Cattle Egret” is the merging of three worlds and generations centuries apart, an inspiring photo and a very special painting near and dear to Bella’s heart.  The background was inspired by her great, great grandfather, Esteban Chartrand’s painting titled Paisaje, Landscape painted in the late 1800’s. Because of his unique style of painting, Esteban Chartrand, who studied in France as a pupil of the famous landscape painter Théodore Rousseau and upon returning to Cuba under the influence of Corot, very quickly became the most fashionable Cuban landscape painter of the late 19th century.  Many of his paintings including this one can be seen at Sotheby’s and Christie’s Auction houses and museums around the world. “I love how my granddaddy painted cows in his landscapes of Cuba.  Because of the 2 cows you see in the distance, I felt it fitting to use this particular painting as the background image for my “Rainbow Cattle Egret”.

Paisaje, Landscape by Esteban Chartrand

The Cattle Egret in the foreground was inspired by Award Winning Wildlife and Nature Conservationist Photographer, Scott Hodlmair’s photo titled “Feathered Dandy” taken in Cedar Key, Florida, 2013.

Rainbow Cattle Egret from Bella Inspired Wildlife Collection by Bella Chartrand from Utopia USA and Scott Hodlmair

Original Painting 12 x 16 in. Available to Buy Now for $6,999.99

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Platinum Edition        20″ x 24″       Limited to 100 Worldwide       $1,777 

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Silver Edition              12″ x 16″         Limited to 250 Worldwide      $1,333 

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Bella Chartrand Testimonial
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