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Bella, aptly nicknamed ‘the Bellas!’, from the Reality TV Show, Fox Network’s ‘Utopia USA, 2015’, where she discovered a deep rooted, long lost talent and passion for fine arts and painting, Bella wears many hats to say the least.  She achieved her Certificate with Geoff Lawton out of Australia and is now a PRI Verified Licensed Permaculture Institute Instructor.  Her dream is to find a self sustaining eco-friendly off grid community and acquire some land to build a little cob house and start a Permaculture farm with Aquaponics/greenhouses.

Bella is a Survivalist/Prepper aka ‘Doomsday Diva’ (though her friends know and love her as the “Peppy Preppy Prepper with a Purpose”!); and ambassador to saving the planet and her ‘human and furry little friends’ alike.  Bella is an avid tennis player and loves a challenging dual to a game of chess.  She feels most at home relaxing outdoors close to nature in her ‘Keyhole/Crop Circle Gardens’ or playing with her cats.

“I get much of my inspiration from traveling back in time whilst gazing upon masterpieces painted by my great-great-grandfather Esteban Chartrand.  Like my grandfather, I find my inspiration for painting when I’m connecting with Mother Nature and all of Her Beauty God has Bestowed upon us here on this Beautiful Planet we call Earth.  ”

Bella studied Fine Art and Painting at The National Academy Museum and School, 1083 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY and she is fast becoming an icon in the art world following in her great-great-grandfather’s footsteps. Visit her PORTFOLIO now where you can find Bella’s ever growing Collection of Art alongside her great-great-grandfather, Esteban Chartrand’s acclaimed masterpieces.

Art critics consider Esteban Chartrand (1840-1884), whom Bella Chartrand is named after, to be one of the most outstanding Cuban landscape artists of all times. Since he, like Bella, was very young, he showed vocation and talent toward the fine arts, probably encouraged by his mother, Luisa Carlota Dubois, a highly educated woman, pianist, and aficionada of portrait painting.

Miss Central Georgia
Bella, also an accomplished pianist and artist, continues to carry her family’s love for the fine arts. Just after her 18th birthday, Bella Chartrand (aka Ann Chartrand Scoville-name given at birth) was crowned ‘Miss Central Georgia’ 1987 and later that next year won overall talent in the ‘Miss Georgia/America’ Pageant playing one of her favorite pieces, Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum by Claude Debussy which she learned when she was 13 years old.
Bella Playing Piano in Miss Georgia Pageant
Bella continues to ‘tickle the ivories’ and is designing an off-grid ‘Cob Home’, complete with a beautiful White Baby Grand Piano nestled in the heart of her eco-friendly little ‘Hobbit Home’ in the woods merging the two things she feels most passionate about-beauty and self-sufficiency. Because of the many unpredictable tragedies occurring all around the world like the ‘Little Storm’ Bella and many others on the East Coast like her survived in 2012, better known as ‘Superstorm Sandy’, Bella believes in being prepared. She teaches people all over the world not just how to survive, but how to thrive ‘Bella-Style’!

Click here to see how you, too, like Bella can build your very own little ‘Hobbit Home’ and thrive off grid!

Bella Building Hugelkultur Beds
“Little Bella” has always been and still is a ‘free spirit’ at heart.  She loved running around giggling playing chase with her siblings at the pool or tennis at her granddaddy’s homemade tennis court behind the ‘little white house on the hill’.  She loved anything outdoors whether it was building tree forts with her favorite cousin, ‘Little David’ and her little brother, Warren, or chasing the colorful butterflies in grandma’s garden with her prized little butterfly net.

Her favorite pastime, however, was running wildly about chasing fireflies at dusk with her little brother and  sneaking their ‘bounty’ they’d stuffed proudly into mason jars upstairs to their bedroom where for hours they would tell ghost stories under the covers lit by the magical blinking lights.  For fear of waking their parents, try as they may, laughing wildly trying not to make a peep, they would make shadow puppets on the wall until they began to fall asleep.  And all of the little ‘glow bugs’, one by one, they’d set free, giggling to each other watching them fade into the night,  whispering one last farewell before crossing over into their little dream world where they too could be free, “Good night; sleep tight; don’t let the fireflies bite!” 

Born and raised in a small town in the deeep South in the ‘Heart o’ Dixie’, you can often hear Bella saying in her thick Georgia Draaawl, “We Prep so you don’t have to Schlepp!” and if you choose to live off grid, ‘Don’t Just Schlepp it…Schlepp it ‘Bella Styyyle!’ And being a true blue Southern Belle, Bella takes camping to a whole ‘nother level…”We don’t go campin’; we go ‘Glampin’, y’all!”

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