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“I’m excited to share with you a peak into my life and hope you, like me, find the beauty in all we see.  I hope you enjoy my expression of our world and enjoy my paintings especially.”  Love, Bella

Bella Chartrand

‘Being Bella’

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Bella Relaxing

“Come…Relax with me…”

'The Woman That Stopped the War'

You can always find Bella in the most ‘interesting’ poses as she playfully dances her way through life often times caught on camera unaware…

'Simply Bella'...

Bella in Blue

Bella Having Fun...

Bella in Pink

Empowered Bella!

Bella and 'Little Isabella'

This Cake Better be Organic!

Don't Mess with Bella!

April Fool's! Bella's Still Single!

Relaxing after Playing the World's Best April Fool's Prank;)

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Cups of Green Tea it took to Design This Website

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