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“Fireflies” by Bella Chartrand, 2015.

Watercolor and glow in the dark acrylic paint on 140 lb cold pressed cotton watercolor paper 12” x 16”.


“Painted in honor of my baby brother’s birthday, April 16th, 2015. If you’re anything like me, you too, like me, have a certain someone that touches your heart…Whether it’s a pet, a friend or a member of your family. My special someone is my baby brother whom I haven’t seen for more than 13 years and miss dearly…

My favorite pastime was running wildly about chasing fireflies at dusk with him. We’d sneak our ‘bounty’ we’d proudly stuffed into mason jars upstairs to our bedroom where for hours we’d tell ghost stories under the covers lit by the magical blinking lights. For fear of waking our parents, laughing wildly trying not to make a peep, we’d make shadow puppets on the wall until we began to fall asleep. And all the little ‘glow bugs’, one by one, we’d set free, giggling to each other watching them fade into the night…bidding our last farewells before crossing over into ‘dream land’ where we too could be free, I’d whisper to my little brother, “Good night; sleep tight; don’t let the fireflies bite!” to which he’d always respond, ‘”See you in the morning Light…” Happy Birthday, Little Warren.” ~Love, ‘Little Anne’ aka Bella

What is a Giclée?

Giclée (zhee-clay) n. AKA: Archival Pigment Print. 1. A method of fine art and photographic printmaking. 2. Most often associated with reproductions, a giclée is a print or multiple copy of an original work of art that was created by conventional means (painting, drawing, etc.) and then reproduced digitally via inkjet printing methods. In the case of digitally created artwork or photographs printed in this manner, each print can be considered an original, since nothing was copied to create the image. What distinguishes a giclée from other inkjet prints is that it must be printed using state-of-the-art equipment, pigmented inks and onto museum-quality, archival fine art paper or canvas.


Original SOLD.  Provenance: Private Collection, Georgia, USA.

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Cameo Edition              36″ x 42″      Limited to 1 Worldwide         $1,999

Provenance Edition   28″ x 32″       Limited to 20 Worldwide         $999

Platinum Edition        20″ x 24″       Limited to 100 Worldwide       $777 

Gold Edition                 16″ x 20″        Limited to 200 Worldwide      $555 

Silver Edition              12″ x 16″         Limited to 250 Worldwide       $333 

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